The Butt Can Guide

Step 1: Find Cans

This can be any form of cans such as paint, coffee, and food cans. Try reaching out to the community and ask for can donations.

Please let them know that the cans will be upcycled instead of being tossed into the bin.

Looking for empty cans of paint

Step 2: Paint the Cans

Again, look for unused paint in the community. Might also want to consider a coat of varnish to protect the paint.

A bunch of empty cans of paint

Step 3: Drill Holes

This step ensures that the can drains and no collect water, so you will not be dealing with soggy butts when you empty the cans!

A drill and cans of paint

Step 4: Cardboard

Cut out a piece of cardboard and place it at the bottom of the can for drainage and prevents the sand in Step 5 from leaking out!

If the cardboard does not fit into the can, you can cut to the center of the cardboard and create a cone to fit into the can.

Making the canister bottom B
Making the canister bottom A

Step 5: Sand

Add a thick layer of sand onto of the cardboard. This will help to extinguish the butts.

Can with sand in it

Step 6: Put them to use!

Put the cans out into the community. Remember to take a photo and tag us on social media @letstalkbutts and #buttcan.

Submit your butt can location on our website!

Canister ready to use

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